Godiva Week Schedule

Hey MSE’s!

To start winter semester off right EngSoc is hosting Godiva Week online! Check the schedule at this link!

We hope you have lots of fun at these events and good luck in winter semester!

December Digest

Here’s the December Digest!

The MSE Club hopes that you’ve had a jolly holiday season so far, and that you are enjoying some well deserved rest from academic activities. With the second semester being just around the corner, here are some updates and reminders.

This monthly digest contains information on the following:

  1. Wellness Reminders
  2. MATLSHacks Event
  3. MSE Anti-Calendar
  4. Merch Ordering Form
  5. MSE Coin Form
  6. Buckyball Updates
  7. Connect with Us!


Hello Everyone!

If you’re interested in an MSE hackathon/event in the new year checkout McMaster’s MATLHacks! Click here to sign up or click here for more information.

Hope all of you have a wonderful winter break!

2 Weeks Left!

Hello Everyone!

Only two more weeks in the semester, keep at it!

If you’re interested in an MSE hoodie checkout our merch store so you can place a pre-order or go to this form here.

Also, please vote on the winning designs from our Reading Week event. The most popular design will be made into a limited edition T-Shirt!