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University of Toronto's
Material Science and Engineering (MSE)

Dive into the world of MSE – where we unlock the secrets of solids! From mighty metals to versatile plastics, robust ceramics, and cutting-edge composites, we're the material engineers shaping the future. Explore the realm where we master material properties and forge the path to groundbreaking technologies. Because in MSE, we don't just study materials; we create the materials that create the future!

Material Science and Engineering Club (MSE Club)

Experience the dynamic spirit of the MSE Club at the University of Toronto, advocating for the interests of over 200 MSE undergrads in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Our dedicated club executives curate a mix of events, including barbeques, smokers, tournaments, movie nights, sports, and the annual MSE dinner dance. For practical services like locker rentals, common room cleanups, and announcement boards, we've got your back. Embrace the MSE Club – where student life becomes truly memorable!

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