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Fall Session

APS100H1: Orientation to Engineering

APS110H1: Engineering Chemistry and Materials Science

APS111H1: Engineering Strategies & Practice I

CIV100H1: Mechanics

MAT186H1: Calculus I

MAT188H1: Linear Algebra

Winter Session

APS106H1: Fundamentals of Computer Programming

APS112H1: Engineering Strategies & Practice II

ECE110H1: Electrical Fundamentals

MAT187H1: Calculus II

MSE120H1: Materials Engineering, Processing and Application

MSE191H1: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering


An updated MSE Anti-Calendar is coming!

Check out our previous Anti-Calendar here.

Academic Support

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering

Official Faculty website containing program descriptions and faculty news


Student Web Service managing course enrollment, timetables, financial accounts, academic history, transcripts, and voting

Engineering Portal

See end-of-semester class rankings and academic history for engineering undergraduates. Petition forms are also found here.

Engineering Communication Centre

Where to get help for oral and written communication

Student Services Career Centre

Book resume critique appointments and mock interviews, search for jobs and attend job-search info sessions

Engineering Undergraduate Resources

Academic, financial, and personal support services and information for engineering students.

Office of the Registar

Where to request enrollment letters, petition courses, and request exam re-checks and discipline transfers

UofT EngSoc Exam Database

Free copies of past midterms and final exams for Engineering courses

Arts & Science Exams Database

Free copies of past midterms and final exams for A&S courses

Engineering Career Centre

Get help with your resume, apply for engineering-related jobs

PEY Portal

This is where students who have paid the PEY fee can access the job board, apply for positions, and respond to interviews.

Student Opportunities

Your one-stop spot for interesting talks, informative events, and anything MSE-related! This site is regularly updated so check it often.

Academic Advisors
(First Year)

Your go to when you’re confused or struggling with your academics, and we would highly recommend you book an appointment with them

Academic Advisors
(Other Years)

Non-first year students can find their Academic Advisor here

MSE Course Calendar

Confused about your graduation requirements, required courses, or courseloads by year? Check out the Official MSE Calendar.

Student Services

One-stop location for housing, learning skills, careers, health, and counseling

Additional Non-Academic Resources
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